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8: What Are Our Responsibilities as Yoga Teachers?

As yoga evolves with our modern lives, the typical yoga class is becoming part physical therapy, emotional therapy, mindfulness, and a kick-ass workout. To balance all of these expectations, yoga teachers need to wear many different hats, from recommending exercises to providing emotional support. In this episode, we examine the appropriateness of the responsibilities of a modern yoga teacher.

In This Episode

  • What are some day-to-day tasks outside of teaching yoga that Nat and Sandy have been asked to do in a yoga studio (1:44)

  • We try to see things from the perspective of a studio owner and the rationale behind paying teachers in different brackets (7:37)

“There is something to be said about making an investment in what you pay your teachers, to the quality of classes they put out there, and the studentship that will keep coming for those good teachers.” – Nat

  • How the music you play in class can affect a student’s yoga experience (14:19)
  • How to give advice to students when they are asking you about advanced postures (24:19)

  • Dealing with the fine line of giving students emotional support and opening up in class (35:53)

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