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55: Should I Quit My Job and Teach Yoga?

This episode is a light-hearted peek into the world of teaching yoga full time. We discuss the stresses of being a yoga teacher that counter the glamour, that dark underbelly of a life-changing practice. We brainstorm the things we would have done differently, knowing what we know now, and considerations we didn’t know to take into account. If you’re considering leaving your job for a career in teaching yoga, we urge you to reach out with questions and comments.

In This Episode

  • The financial realities of teaching yoga as a self-employed contractor (3:20)
  • Nat’s story of “Quit your job and become a yoga teacher” (8:46)
  • What’s your ideal time of day for work or rest? (9:35)
  • Starting a family as a yoga teacher (20:58)
  • Should we be teaching yoga as a retirement rather than focusing on making a job out of it? (23:25)
  • Some of the stressors of being a yoga teacher: playlists, sequencing, auditioning, “Is there enough work?”, “How do I get more people in my classes?” (27:53)
  • Teaching yoga can be a practice of yoga (40:29)
  • Reach out with your questions and concerns! This topic is very worth examining if you are considering quitting your job to become a yoga teacher! (49:28)

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