50_ Shoulder flossing

50: Monday Quickie: Shoulder Flossing

Arm and shoulder positioning in a yoga class can get quite repetitive if you only practice or teach classic asana. In this episode, Sandy talks about Shoulder Flossing, or some people call it Shoulder Dislocates. This exercise is an easy one to incorporate into yoga classes as all it requires is a strap and some space. Sandy talks about how to get in and out of the movement, benefits of gliding movements, and proper preparation before you come into some Shoulder Flossing. If you’ve tried this exercise, let us know how you feel on Instagram or Facebook @theyogaaddiction!

In This Episode

  • Shoulder movement: flexion, extension, elevation, depression, upward rotation and downward rotation (1:22)
  • Gliding movements rather than static holds (4:32)
  • Some call it shoulder “dislocates”, but we call it “flossing” because we are not dislocating anything! (5:17)
  • The How-To for Shoulder Flossing (6:05)
  • Warm-up before doing Shoulder Flossing! (10:09)

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