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5: What is SAID and How Can We Use it in Asana

We can learn a lot by studying principles from different training modalities, and considering how they might apply to the general yoga class. In this episode, we dissect the principle of SAID: specific adaptation to imposed demands. A term often used in the sports world, we show you how SAID is important in many real-life scenarios and in the yoga class.

In This Episode

“I don’t really drink coffee in the morning. I just wing it. You guys are going to hear me say random shit because of that.” – Nat

  • The definition of SAID and some examples in yoga and sports (4:30)
  • Nat: “Our nervous system is lazy.” She explains more (15:06)
  • What are some applications of the SAID principle in our every day life, in our sports, in our activities? (17:07)
  • The cumulative injury cycle and its relationship to SAID, and why this is of utmost important for yoga teachers who demo (21:22)
  • What is the carryover effect in SAID and how can we use it? (25:33)
  • How can yoga, using what we know of the SAID principle, be of greatest service to athletes? (32:58)
  • What is progressive overload? Sandy explains her stance on joints and fragility in yoga, cues like “keep your knee behind your toes” (35:32)

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