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49: Hiiro Zake-Sigal Prince: Is Asana Being Turned Into A Fitness Practice?

In this one-on-one interview with Hiiro Zake-Sigal Prince, Nat and Hiiro dive deep into the effect of fitness-based yoga on teaching modern yoga group classes. Hiiro has even taken to calling himself a non-asana oriented yoga teacher, and as such presents the opinion that fitness-based yoga classes does a disservice to the industry. If you’re a new yoga teacher, make sure to listen through to the end for one of the most empowering messages we can get as a modern yoga teacher.

In This Episode

  • What is success as a yoga teacher? (2:29)
  • Is there a value in re-labeling studios “yoga studio” vs. “asana studio”? (5:58)
  • The potential clash of the business side and yoga side of the industry (12:15)
  • Peak times at studios; offering class types that expand beyond asana (17:17)
  • Teaching from a lineage, whether you’re teaching asana or not (25:18)
  • Hiiro reflects on a year of changing the way he teaches and places himself in the modern yoga world (38:36)
  • The environment doesn’t necessarily reflect what’s going on inside the space (45:46)
  • Allowing yourself as a teacher not to have to have everyone like your class (58:17)

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