Episode 44_ Knee part 2

44: Know Your Knee Anatomy Part 2

In this episode, we expand on our discussion of the knee anatomy into yoga application. We finish off with a discussion on common yoga cues, like “bend your knee to 90 degrees, or flex your foot to protect your knee.”

In This Episode

  • We review what we covered in Part 1 of the knee podcast duo (5:42)
  • People can have a lot of emotional stuff come up when we have to deal with injuries (9:18)
  •  Normal ranges of motion for the knee (13:52)
  • The Creep Effect on connective tissues: the deformation (or elongation) under a constant or cyclically repetitive load (20:09)
  • Knee hyper-extension in Nat’s body (31:15)
  • Knee tracking depending on which muscles are pulling more (41:41)
  • Normally, you can look at the direction of toes with the direction of the knee to see any twist within the knee, but not always. Tibial torsion may make it look like the knees may be twisted, but it may not be true (50:03)
  • Why or why not to say these common cues:
    “Don’t let your knee go forward of the ankle”
    “Bend your knee to 90 degrees”
    “Keep your ankle straight” or “Flex your foot to protect your knee” – in Figure 4 or Pigeon pose (54:59)

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