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4: Hot Yoga…Are We Actually Detoxifying the Body?

As you might expect, science doesn’t say much about hot yoga as a detoxification method since the liver and kidneys do most of the heavy lifting in that category. In today’s episode, we discuss myths surrounding detoxification in hot yoga and the reasons why we might want to let go of the word “detox” completely.

in This Episode

  • What are we detoxifying? (8:50)
  • A toxin we usually don’t think about: electromagnetic radiation (11:00)
  • How toxins (or toxicants) are not only things we take into the body, but sometimes by products of our metabolism (12:15)
  • What is the traditional yogic and ayurvedic theory on detoxification (15:46)
  • What are the three phases of detoxification (18:45)
  • What the liver’s main role in detoxification is (18:55)
  • What research on the toxic load in sweat tells us about how much detoxifying we may be actually be doing (20:20)
  • How infrared saunas may be a worthy alternative to hot yoga (27:00)
  •  With respect to optimal fascial health, why slow yoga in a hot room might not be the best choice (30:50)
  •  Why you would want to do a yin style practice in a hot room (32:50)

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