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38: How Pec Tension limits Asanas

Do you sit at a desk? Do upper body workouts? Most likely, your pecs are affected! The pectoralis major is the major muscle of the chest and contributes to many arm movements. It is a contributor to forward head and shoulder posture and can create instability in the shoulder if dysfunction is present. In yoga, we can spot pec tightness in a number of different poses, like side plank and Downward Facing Dog. In this episode, we go over how to know if your pecs are tight and our favourite stretches and movements that target the chest.

In This Episode

  • Where are the pecs located? (7:25)
  • How can you tell the difference between chest tightness vs bicep tightness?  (13:40)
  • Nat tells us how to deal with shaky side planks that may be a result of pec tightness (18:05)
  • How pec tightness might be confused with lat tightness (20:15)
  • Pec tightness in arm balances and chatturunga (25:01)
  • Scapula winging can be a visible indicator of tight or weak pecs (26:15)
  • Supine poses for pec tightness (29:17)
  • Working with the fascia of the arm as it relates to the pecs (42:50)
  • How pec tension may show up in Downward Facing Dog (46:56)
  • The fascia that surrounds our nerves takes a long time to rebound after a stretch; so the brachial plexus under our pecs (inside our shoulder) can be affected by shoulder injuries or pec tightness (57:15)

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