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37: Imogen North: Teaching Yoga in Conflict Zones

In this interview, Sandy catches up with her friend and fellow yoga teacher Imogen, who is living and working in Yangon, Myanmar. Imogen brings yoga to sensitive areas in Myanmar, braving forests, rivers and police checkpoints to be of service to those communities. In this discussion, we dive deep into what it’s like being a yoga teacher in a developing country, how her work has affected her and what legacy she wants to leave behind. This episode is a must-listen!

In This Episode

  • About our friend, Imogen North (4:26)
  • How did Imogen come to teach trauma-sensitive yoga? (6:35)
  • How does the work of teaching differ when teaching trauma-sensitive yoga vs. yoga in a big city studio? (11:58)
  • Imogen talks about bringing yoga to women in Myanmar, many of whom don’t even know what yoga is (15:31)
  • How this work has affected Imogen as a teacher, facilitator, and human (17:43)
  • Challenges in the work of teaching to trauma-sensitive communities inside a developing country (19:40)
  • What a trauma-sensitive women’s yoga class in a Myanmar camp looks like (24:55)
  • The legacy Imogen wants to leave behind in Myanmar (33:20)
  • The majority religion is Buddhist, so Imogen finds much more acceptance to meditation (with several exceptions of course) (32:34) 
  • What lessons can Imogen’s work give us here in the western world? (42:01)
  • Imogen’s final message to us as yoga teachers (49:14)

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