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36: The SI Joint – Part 2

In this episode, we continue our discussion of the sacroiliac joint (SI joint), touching on the hip flexor group of muscles and the transversus abdominis. We explain why these muscles are important in the healthy function of the joint and how we can draw more awareness into creating balance in them. Finally, we finish off by discussing twists and how twists may positively or negatively affect the SI joint.

In This Episode

  • Quick overview of what we covered in our last episode on the SI joint (6:26)
  • Why the iliopsoas is so important to the SI joint (9:22)
  • Which poses can tell us if the iliopsoas is tight? (19:35)
  • Balancing the strength and flexibility of the psoas with the quads (21:55)
  • Overly stretching the hip flexors can be very irritating for the hips (26:40)
  • Neurokinetic Therapy on Instagram about the sartorius (it can compensate for the quads) – The sartorius can flex the hip and flex the knee (27:03)
  • How does the transversus abdominis affect the SI joint? (31:30)
  • The TVA helps traction the spine a bit; resists gravity (40:47)
  • How twists can affect the SI joint (43:50)

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