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35: The SI Joint – Part 1

The sacroiliac joint is a tough workhorse when it comes to load transfer, repetitive motion and weight bearing. In yoga, it’s often mixed with low back or hip issues and yoga teachers often give blanket statements to cover SI joint “safe” modifications. In this first part of our SI joint discussion, we explain why the SI joint is so important in our movement and health, and what movements have an impact on the joint. We speak about a few postures and exercises that can tell us something about imbalances in the hips that would reflect in an imbalance at the joint.

In This Episode

  • What is the SI joint? Where is it? What is it responsible for? (7:01)
  • Sitting or stationary postures (sleep, laying on the couch) will have a large impact on the SI joint (13:41)
  • Why are the SI ligaments so important? (14:38)
  • One-sided postures or asymmetrical postures as they affect the SI joint – look to the muscles for imbalance (23:01)
  • Nat’s tip for looking for a ’tilted’ pelvis (27:25)
  • We talk through the muscles that play a role in the SI joint: it’s a lot! (30:01)
  • Identifying tension asymmetries: Quadratus Lumborum (QL), obliques (35:51)
  • Hip external rotators can be an important one to stretch / balance with SI joint issues (38:46)
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Fascilitation (PNF) can be really effective for external rotators of the hip (42:43)
  • Inner thighs (aka adductors) + cross-legged postures; how does this affect the SI joint? (51:02)

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