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33: Pose Breakdown: Warrior 1 / Virabhadrasana A

Today we dive deep into another pose breakdown: Warrior 1, or Virabhadrasana A. Considered by many a foundation pose, we explain why we can consider it a peak pose and discuss all the limitations that might surround it. Nat goes on a rant about the way poses look vs. how they feel, and shares her personal experience with Warrior 1 in her calves. Finally, we discuss ways we would sequence or discuss Warrior 1 within a group yoga class to prepare safely and effectively for this posture.

In This Episode

  • Why Sandy thinks Warrior 1 is like Cobb Salad (9:27)
  • What does Warrior 1 ask of the body in terms of muscles and joints? (11:30)
  • Why Nat considers Warrior 1 a peak pose rather than whipping into and out of it in the Sun Salutations (18:40)
  • We consider the ankle and hip in the back leg of Warrior 1 (20:52)
  • Should our postures, including Warrior 1, look like what it looks like in a book? (24:37)
  • We need more than one posture to get into our calves! (27:10)
  • The engagement of the inner arch of the foot on the back leg (36:14)
  • The asymmetry in the pelvis in Warrior 1 (40:39)
  • Shoulders and arms in traditional warrior 1 plus variations (45:11)
  • What other poses can we use to achieve the benefits of warrior 1 without actually doing warrior 1? (48:32)

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