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30: Mental Health and Wellness Module Overview

Recently, Nat took a short trip to Portland for a training on mental health and yoga with Yoga Medicine. In this episode, Sandy interviews Nat on her experience and the main takeaways from her week in training. We discuss the importance of epigenetics in mental health, depression and anxiety, the enteric nervous system (your gut) and it’s connection to mental health, and so much more. This topic is hugely important for yoga teachers to be well-versed and sensitive towards, so if you’re currently a yoga teacher or looking to launch your teaching career, please do have a listen! We discuss tools and techniques to use within group yoga classes that may help someone with depression or anxiety feel a bit more comfortable.

In This Episode

  • A little run-down on how Yoga Medicine’s programming for yoga teachers (4:34)
  • Are we more nature or nurture? (7:49)
  • What is epigenetics? (10:05)
  • How thoughts are related to our mental health (15:56)
  • Nat’s opinion on swear words (17:10)
  • Is what we are doing in yoga, noticing our thoughts and letting go of the negativity, related to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy? (17:55)
  • Meditation for mental health (21:32)
  • What to do when a student has a panic attack in your yoga class (23:37)
  • Are depression and anxiety are the same emotions on two different energetic scales? (24:32)
  • Movement for people with depression: why it’s so important for people to enjoy the movement (30:13)
  • The importance of the enteric nervous system (the gut) on mental health (38:52)
  • How yoga may be able to help PTSD sufferers (48:09)
  • How do we incorporate this knowledge into a group yoga class? (53:42)
  • Communication is key! Don’t be afraid to go back and forth asking what is actually comfortable, giving them control (58:00)

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