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3: Interview with Danielle Eve – Everything you need to know to Create a Successful Corporate Yoga Business

Big city living is most often accompanied by desk job living. Yoga teacher and entrepreneur Danielle Eve wants to deliver mindful movement and stress release to desk jockeys who might otherwise never step foot in a yoga studio. Danielle and Megan’s start-up company, Ebb and Flow Movement, is one of the few in Toronto, ON, that’s making a mark in corporations around the city with their business savvy and tenacity.

In This Episode

  • Why Danielle started doing yoga (it was a guy) (2:02)

“You have a painting but the painting is washed in all the colours of the water… so it’s got this grey haze over it. And yoga just washed that away. It was like I could see life in colour.”

  • How her journey into the marketing world led her to want to teach yoga in the workplace (5:05)

“The more time I worked, the less good of a human I was.”

  • What Danielle decided her legacy would be and the Steven Tyler Move (8:03)
  • What is “Crystal Twinkle Woo-Woo” from yoga and why she wants to remove it from how she teaches yoga (11:25)
  • How Danielle speaks to corporate clients: branding imagery and language (18:20)
  • The 3 pillars of Danielle’s business philosophy (21:15)
  • Why you need to market to the business (wellness budget) and not the individual employee (24:30)
  • What to wear when you walk into a corporation (27:45)
  • Why and how to choose your teaching language in a corporation vs. yoga studio (32:45)
  • How do you teach mindfulness to a business group (33:50)
  • How do you work around restrictive clothing like business suits (36:00)
  • What’s the best time of day to offer classes (43:35)

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