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26: Pose Breakdown: Warrior 3 / Virabhadrasana C

Pose Breakdown… Today we are dissecting Warrior 3 or Virabhadrasana C. This pose is Sandy’s hands-down favourite pose and one she threads into nearly every class. In this episode, we talk about why we love it so much, it’s musculoskeletal benefits, our favourite cues to refine the pose and how we sequence it within a yoga class. We discuss some important preparations for the pose, like hamstring lengthening and back warm-ups.

In This Episode

  • How the gluteus medius is a major player in Warrior 3 (7:01)
  • In terms of sequencing, our opinion on transitions from an externally rotated hip to a neutral hip and vice versa (13:50)
  • Gluteus maximus in warrior 3, both the standing leg and lifted leg (19:20)
  • We talk about a few of our favourite warrior 3 modifications and entries (26:48)
  • We discuss our favourite cues and what we are trying to achieve with them (34:32)
  • Toes pointed or flexed in the lifted leg? What’s the difference?  (36:29)
  • Sequencing Warrior 3 and variations of warrior 3 within your class (40:55)

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