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25: A Summary of The Yoga Alliance Change In Certification Standards

The Yoga Alliance is an international non-profit regulating body for yoga professionals. They set standards for how teachers are to be trained, standards for continuing education and they maintain a registry of teachers who adhere to their standards. In the last few years, they have undertaken a serious review of their standards and more recently have released a number of changes to how yoga teacher education is to be regulated. Thankfully, there is a roll-out schedule in place for these changes, as some of them will be significant. In this episode, we run through the biggest changes in their newly released standards.

In This Episode

  • What is the Yoga Alliance and what do they do? (5:16)
  • Changes for Registered Yoga Schools due by one year from Feb 1, 2020 (15:07)
  • Changes for offering 300 hr programs (16:49)
  • Jules Mitchell currently only teaches 300 hr programs (without offering a 200 hr) (17:07)
  • Changes for teachers who teach teachers (18:25)
  • Contact vs. non-contact hours – changed now to have more required in classroom hours (26:33)
  • “Yoga Ethics, Lifestyle and Philosophy” name changed to “Yoga Humanities” (28:35)
  • The only part of your registration with YA that’s specifically curated: Equity in Yoga (29:51)
  • Yoga Alliance’s new stance on sexual harassment in consent and hands-on adjustment (33:48)
  • Applications for Registered Yoga Schools now go through three teachers to review/feedback (40:27)
  • If you’re currently training to be a yoga teacher, you’re fine for now, but next year you’ll have to do the YA online course if you want to be registered (43:46)
  • New testing for students emerging from a 200 hr YTT (46:41)
  • Sandy’s opinion on teaching teachers to build a self-practice/self-care tools (49:26)

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