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24: The Controversy of the Tuck Your Tailbone Cue & When You Still Need it!

As yoga teachers, we are all guilty of recycling cues from our teachers and peers–“tuck the tailbone” being a very well-known one. In this episode, we discuss the pros and cons of this cue, whether or not we can actually tuck the tailbone without moving the pelvis or low back, and how we can more intelligently speak about pelvic positioning. We finish our discussion with several ways to refine the cue, “tuck the tailbone”, and in which postures we find this cue helpful.

In This Episode

  • Are there any cues you could use for all poses? (9:23)
  • Yoga International article about throwing out cues entirely (10:14)
  • What should teachers be trying to achieve with the cue, “Tuck your Tailbone”? (11:46)
  • Does the tailbone itself move in respect to the pelvis? (13:03)
  • The Medium article claiming tucking the tailbone is bad for your pelvic floor (14:08)
  • Video about the SI joints (15:14)
  • “Tuck your tailbone” is an easy way to orient the pelvis in space since we can’t really move our tailbone without moving the pelvis, and often our spine too (17:55)
  • Bernie Clark’s chart from Your Spine Your Yoga book – We can’t really know conclusively if anyone is “tucking their tailbone” (20:21)
  • Nutation vs. Counternutation in backbends like cobra (24:23)
  • The Yoga Addiction podcast where we talked about forces in the spine depending on position relative to gravity (30:57)
  • Why Nat practices a minor tailbone tuck in ardha uttanasana tailbone tuck (31:33)
  • “Tailbone tuck” cueing in a backbend (37:59)
  • “Tailbone tuck” and classes that focus on lots of core work (47:18)
  • Nat gives her opinion on drop backs (51:45)
  • The Yoga Addiction “TVA is a badass” podcast (58:30)

Resources & Links

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