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23: Pose breakdown: extended side angle pose / utthita parsvakonasana

Pose Breakdown… Today, we break down Side Angle Pose, or Parsvakonasana. We start from the ground up, from feet, ankles, thighs, hips, spine up to the shoulders. We discuss common patterns of tight muscles as they show up in this pose, and what cues we can use to help adjust the pose for more comfort. We cover our anatomical differences that make this pose challenging, discovering that Nat and Sandy are basically opposites. This was probably one of our most entertaining and enjoyable episodes to record and produce.

In This Episode

  • Our favourite poses, Warrior 3 vs. Parsvakonasana, and the pros and cons of both (5:15)
  • The ankles in Parsvakonasana – inversion vs. eversion (11:19)
  • What happens when you have flat feet in a pose like Parsvakonasana (12:48)
  • What about if you see someone’s toes pointing farther out to the side than the knee? Two great cues to help adjust this.
  • The purpose of Parsvakonasana and why we wouldn’t externally rotate to the max (22:54)
  • What limits the front knee bending to 90 degrees? (25:41)
  • Arm variations in Parsvakonasana (28:14)
  • We talk about the anatomical differences between Nat and Sandy (T-Rex arms vs. Gorilla arms) (29:29)
  • The closed hip in Parsvakonasana is an area of potential compression (34:55)
  • We discuss the bound variation of the pose and how it affects the hip (37:28)
  • We discuss tightness in the quads and hip flexors that pull the pelvis into anterior tilt, and how it presents in the pose (40:29)
  • What we could sequence to lead up to Parsvakonasana (44:56)
  • Leslie Kaminoff’s interesting take on breathing in Parsvakonasana (53:07)
  • Interesting variations for the top arm in Parsvakonasana and a variation against a wall that might aid the lat stretch (1:03)
  • Nat’s healthy point of view on tight lats (1:06)

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