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22: Rachel Land – How Do You Know You Are Ready for YTT And How To Choose Which Training Is For You?

Today we chat with our friend and teacher Rachel Land. Despite a severe time difference (Rachel lives in Queenstown, New Zealand), we’ve recorded this podcast to give you everything you need to know before, during and after your 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training. Whether you’ve just signed up for a training, or in the midst of a training, we cover several important topics. Like building a social network of teachers for support and advice as you launch this next phase of your life. Like the role of social media in your teaching career. Like whether or not you should be able to perform every pose you teach. We end our discussion with a few words about the “path” of a yoga teacher in the modern world.

In This Episode

  • We reminisce about our first teacher training, and bringing all the lessons we learned back home (3:22)
  • Why a social network of teachers within your teacher training is so important (10:45)
  • Rachel talks about how social media can feel like a lot of pressure for new teachers to define themselves when they aren’t ready yet for that definition (15:16)
  • Are there physical/ spiritual pre-requisites to be a yoga teacher? (24:51)

“You don’t have to be anything other than yourself because if yoga has given you something that allows you to move more skillfully through your life, then there’ll be other people out there who need that same help.” – Rachel

  • Do teachers need to be able to do a pose in order to teach it? (40:02)
  • Rachel talks about intention / purpose in teaching (45:53)
  • What’s the difference between a Yoga Alliance 300 hr and 500 hr training? (48:30)
  • How would a teacher know he or she is ready to teach a teacher training? (50:51)
  • The “path” of a yoga teacher in the modern world (56:41)

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