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19: On Teaching Yoga to Beginners

Beginners are maybe one of the most rewarding groups you can teach, if you can get a group of them together. In this episode, we go over several important aspects of teaching to beginners, like placing them in the middle of the room, incorporating parts of yoga that are meaningful to you as a teacher and whether or not it’s appropriate to use Sanskrit during class. We reveal what it was like for us when we began yoga years ago, and the challenges and thresholds we faced then. This episode will equip you with plenty of ideas on teaching to beginners.

In This Episode

  • We discuss beginners-only classes vs. beginners within a mixed group class (14:33)
  • The benefits of set sequences when it comes to beginners (19:55)
  • 24:45 – We talk about not understanding “intention” setting for years, and incorporating the other elements of yoga in a beginner’s class
  • We discuss teaching ‘unguided’ to beginners (31:09)
  • Nat talks about the ‘comparative mind’ for beginners (34:11)
  • We discuss how much teachers need to demo to beginners (39:03)
  • When you aren’t sure about people’s motivations to take a beginner’s class, as a teacher, we need to let go of expectations to understand the content or to be present for it (44:01)
  • Should you use Sanskrit in a beginner’s class? (46:19)

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