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18: Allie Geer – Teaching and Practicing Prenatal Yoga

Today, we feature our second interview with Allie Geer, who is not only a fascia expert but a prenatal yoga specialist. This episode is a must for anyone teaching public group classes, because sooner or later a pregnant yogi will stroll through your doors, too. We talk about how to make all your students feel welcome and supported, what adjustments you might make in regards to hormone changes with pregnancy and even particular poses to include or remove.

In This Episode

  • Allie discusses the main differences in moving a pregnant body (6:55)
  • How to teach group classes with pregnant women without singling them out (13:13)
  • The main difference between a prenatal class vs. group class (18:30)
  • About how the hormone relaxin affects the body and what prenatal yoga needs to do to accommodate (25:52)
  • Allie tells us a story about one of her students helping out a pregnant yogi during an outdoor yoga class (31:03)
  • We discuss the pose Malasana and its purpose in a prenatal yoga class (34:30)
  • We discuss the controversy over inversions during pregnancy (36:48)

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