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16: Yoga for Athletes – How to Design a Practice for Resilience, Recovery, and Power

The worlds of athletics and yoga are slowly but surely finding a common place to collide and more athletes are turning to various practices of yoga to increase mobility, focus, power, resilience, etc. In this episode we talk about what pieces of the very big and diverse yoga world fit best with athletes; from weekend warriors to professionals. 

In This Episode

  • Why should yoga be incorporated into an athlete’s training program? (9:05)
  • Mindfulness and how it’s applicable in sports and life (13:50) 
  • Nat puts together a few focal points for teaching weekend warriors (23:21)
  • Working with an athlete’s schedule, whether it’s work or training (29:53)
  • Athletes and hormones; yoga can help cortisol decrease after a burst of exercise and raise testosterone…this is a good thing! (36:13)

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