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15: What Is Fascia and How Do We Care for It in Yoga?

In the last few years, fascia has become a huge area of research and investigation. In this episode, we dive into the current knowledge about fascia, its anatomy and how yoga can contribute to the health of the fascia. We talk about common fascia dysfunction, tension patterns and tendencies. If you’re interested in how to serve your fascia through a yoga practice, do listen through to the end for tips and pose suggestions.

In This Episode

  • Nat and Sandy ramble on about their weekends, and Nat talks about the detox she’s doing (5:15)
  • What is fascia and where is it? (15:00)
  • What’s fascia made of? (16:42)
  • Why do yoga teachers need to know about fascia? (20:15)
  • What do compartment syndrome and shin splints tell us about fascia? (24:10)
  • Sitting posture, ‘locked long’ trapezius and rhomboids, and how this affects the fascia around it (34.19)
  • ‘Locked short’ muscles, like biceps brachii, gluteus maximus (43:09)
  • Which yoga poses are best in terms of fascial health? (47:40)
  • Nat teaches us how fascia and rocks may have similar properties (58:37)

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