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14: Lara Ederer – Cultivating a Sustainable Yoga Practice and Teaching Career

“Our students deserve to know there is yoga beyond the poses,” says Seattle yoga teacher Lara Ederer. A firm believer in creating a long-lived yoga practice and teaching career, in this episode Lara discusses all the implications of cultivating sustainable yoga in the modern world. We dive deep into Lara’s relationship with Instagram, her tips for teaching mixed-level and multi-generational classes and the importance of incorporating different movement practices as we age.

In This Episode

  • Lara tells us about her background in addiction and yoga (7:45)
  • How Lara uses Instagram to engage people in the conversation of yoga, specifically beyond what the photos show (13:16)
  • How to maintain a spectrum in your yoga practice (17:47)
  • Lara talks about the struggle of teaching multi-level multi-age group classes and gives us some noteworthy tips (33:58)
  • Keys to creating a sustainable yoga career; moving away from the scarcity mentality and ‘your’ students is one of them (46:11)
  • We discuss what values and lessons we are implicitly passing on to our classes by tracking pose progression (52:13)
  • Lara’s take on feeling threatened vs. creating abundance in the yoga industry (1:05:00)
  • Tips for a sustainable yoga teaching career:
    1) Know modifications/variations so you know how to teach to your class
    2) Teach to something that inspires you
    3) Invest in your students, communicate with them, speak to their movement during class, notice shifts in their practice and how you might support them
    4) Refer your students to other classes if it’s appropriate
    5) As a teacher, take other people’s classes

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