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11: Elena Cheung – The Power of NeuroKinetic Therapy In Private Yoga Classes

NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT) is a sophisticated form of manual therapy that combines motor control theory and manual muscle testing. Our guest and colleague, Elena Cheung, shares her experience with this method of discovering mis-mapped mind-body connections in her private yoga classes. Elena combines this subtle but powerful practice with yoga to relieve chronic pain, rebuild the neurological connections, and uncover compensatory patterns that are just outside the box of what we learn in common anatomy lessons.

In This Episode:

  • Elena’s background in rock climbing and yoga (7:40)
  • How Elena found NKT (10:30)
  • What is NKT and why does Elena use it? (10:53)
  • Why NKT doesn’t work well with acute injuries (13:54)
  • Elena talks about the 2-day training and different levels of NKT (17:45)
  • How the NKT training differs from an advanced module yoga teacher training (19:18)
  • Elena doesn’t advertise her NKT training but uses it as a tool in her back pocket for private yoga clients (22:20)
  • Elena talks about a case with biceps issues where conventional yoga thought didn’t help; NKT shed some light on the real issue (25:05)
  • Elena talks about some of her “A-Ha!” moments during the NKT training; examples within her own body (26:58)
  • The subtlety of muscle firing during muscle tests (32:58)
  • How important the nervous system is in what we think is “tense” or “stuck” (39:20)
  • Our discussion on science vs. subjective experience (48:29)
  • Elena’s opinion on the placebo effect (49:24)

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