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10: Lordosis and Anterior Pelvic Tilt Explained

Low back anatomy is a complex subject that all yoga teachers are aware of, but few teachers dive deeply into all its intricacies. In this episode, we take a look at the general curve of the low back and its relationship to the pelvis, and what that means for the muscles around it, especially the iliopsoas. By the end of the episode, we break down several poses and discuss their relationship to the low back curve and pelvic orientation.

In This Episode...

  • What is anterior pelvic tilt vs. posterior pelvic tilt, and how is it related to lordosis? (5:25)
  • What does weight bearing have to do with the curves of your spine? (11:44)
  • Should you try to get rid of anterior pelvic tilt during a backbend? (14:35)
  • What’s the relationship of the iliopsoas, sitting posture and the curve of your low back? (22:11)
  • Can we perceive a chronically shortened iliopsoas in a yoga class? (33:05)
  • We chat about poses, Chair Pose and Warrior 2, and common things we see in the shape of the spine in these poses. (38:00)

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