website 1_ Introductions and why we created The Yoga Addiction

1: Introductions and Why We Created The Yoga Addiction

Welcome to the Yoga Addiction, brain child of Natalie Senger and Sandy Huen. Today, we talk about our yoga journeys and our motivation for creating this podcast.

In This Episode

  • Why Sandy believes our roles as yoga teachers are vitally important to the world of wellness (2:45)

“We are able to influence movement, mood, psyche, the way people handle things pretty significantly. Much more than the once a year visit to a doctor. We’re the front line. If we can hone our skills and refine what we offer, we can absolutely change the world.”

  • Why Natalie doesn’t trust everything she hears and how she hopes this podcast can create more open conversations within the yoga community (3:50)

“I’ve always been a person that asked ‘why’. So, I won’t take a piece of information without knowing the background to it, and that takes a lot of work to have the drive to dig in. There are few things with respect to all of the things that we know the answers to.”

“Doing our best to stay more up to date on current research, current ideals, with an openness to knowing that this is the best we can do right now. And not taking one answer you heard in one training or in one class and applying it to everything you do.”

  • How to approach classical teachings of yoga vs. a more modern approach (5:57)
  • Why Sandy was reluctant to start doing yoga and how an epiphany of her surfboard connected her to the practice (13:40)
  • Why Nat sought out yoga after years of being a gym rat and how she found herself teaching yoga in a mining camp (18:43)
  • What we hope to offer people with this podcast (34:17)

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Thank you so much for listening to this weeks episode. We are so honored and grateful that you are here! 

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